Kingston Plumbing




  1. Once you have paid any money to Kingston Plumbing, you are agreeing to the commencement of works outlined in your quotation and you agree to Kingston Plumbing’s Terms and conditions.
  2. Normal working hours is 07:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday, here after is out of hours and out of hours costings may apply.
  3. Price of materials may be subject to change, but any changes will be discussed prior to work commencing.
  4. Kingston Plumbing do not provide itemised quotations, but all customers will receive a detailed quotation before any work is carried out.
  5. Kingston Plumbing give estimated work commencement dates, this may be subject to change, but Kingston Plumbing will keep you as informed as possible about any changes and endeavour to start works on the given date.
  6. Any amendments to your original order will need to be made in writing. If you decide not to accept our amended quote and we have already completed works on your original order, these works will need to be paid for.
  7. Flooring, floor tiles and carpets may be needed to be lifted, access through walls and ceilings may be required to carry out installation / repair works. Kingston Plumbing will to the best of our ability return the flooring to as near as the original condition as possible, we are unable to repair / make good to any walls and ceilings as part of our installation / repair, and this will need to be carried out by another contractor at no cost to Kingston Plumbing.
  8. When works commence, the customer may incur additional charges, due to unforeseen circumstances (such as, but not limited to: Plastering, floorboards, joists etc). Due to not being able to see these potential problems until works commence, we cannot guarantee the customer will or will not require these works.
  9. Photos will be taken of works – Before, during and upon completion, these will be filed for future reference. We may also use these as part of our marketing on social media etc.
  10. Kingston Plumbing reserve the right to update their terms and conditions at any time and these will be available on request at any time.



  1. A £250 non-refundable deposit is due to confirm your quoted works and estimated start date with Kingston Plumbing.
  2. Kingston Plumbing can only hold your estimated start date when sent to you for 48 hours without a deposit being paid.
  3. 7 days prior to works commencing, 50% of the full balance amount is due. If this is not paid on its due date, Kingston Plumbing reserve the right to move the start date.
  4. Kingston Plumbing will invoice the customer on a Friday which is due the same day, this amount will equal the amount for the labour costs and materials cost incurred for that same week. Delays to payments may delay works.
  5. On the day of completion of works, full and final payment is required.
  6. If the final payment isn’t made on the day of completion, there will be a 5% additional fee for everyday the balance is overdue. For example: £1000 outstanding balance overdue 2 days = £100 (£50 per day), failure to pay an outstanding balance may result in legal action and/or your account sent to a debt collection agency.
  7. If a customer is to stop works for any reason, then a final invoice will be sent on the date works has stopped.
  8. Charges may be incurred if the customer delays Kingston Plumbing for any reason (Typically at £300 a day). For example: there is no access to the property, or Kingston Plumbing are waiting on other trades or materials organised by the customer.
  9. All materials and products remain the property of Kingston Plumbing until the final payment is received.


Warranty / Guarantees

  1. Kingston Plumbing offers a 1-year warranty on all works completed, up to a 2-year warranty. To qualify for a 2-year warranty, we ask that you leave Kingston Plumbing a review on either Kingston Plumbing’s Facebook page or Google page, within 28 days of completion.
  2. Kingston Plumbing will not provide a warranty on materials supplied by the customer.
  3. Kingston Plumbing offers a 3-month warranty on Silicone sealants.
  4. Kingston Plumbing cannot offer a warranty on any works associate with any other trades organised by the customer.
  5. Kingston Plumbing will not be held responsible for any issues and faults that may subsequently occur on the boiler, radiators and pipework attached to the system we work on (For example: we replace or relocate a radiator).
  6. Kingston Plumbing will not be held responsible for any issues / faults relating to internal or external stopcocks when turned off and on.